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Saturday, January 14, 2006


is down on his knees hand braced against the counter
ear lowered nearly to the ground as he peers into dusty darkness
searching the hardwood slats for a penny that has rolled away
balanced perfectly on its smooth edge.

I like to believe there is a heaven for this
not for all things lost
but for this: the will to explore the entire world
with undying generosity for everything in it
the way this boy on knees that will hold the deep impressions
of knots and the heads of nails long after he has given up
will walk out the door into a summer sun so bright it blinds him
will halt in his tracks with his hand above his head palm out against the sky
will reach out to capture the light in his fist and believe it done
even with the sun still above him
with the penny still somewhere out of reach
but still there where he left it
always unrecovered.


transience said...

somehow, this reminds me of neruda's clenched soul. that was a beautiful poem. so is this.

camera shy said...

thanks trans
glad you like it
and that is quite the compliment
you can allude to neruda
by my work

N said...

Lovely poem. Very evocative. Presents a beautiful thought and paints a vivid picture at the same time.

camera shy said...

thanks anindita

great profile image by the way

Enemy of the Republic said...

I think this is the first "poem" I've seen by you, unless you want to call your other pieces prose poems. I really like this; it tells a story and it evokes so much sadness. I don't know what it reminds me of, but it is resonating with me very deeply for some reason.

camera shy said...

ehy eotr, good to have you back
how was your time out of town?

yes, i would call the other pieces (here) poems too. god is dead is a prose poem. while watching sleepless in seattle needs some reformatting to look like i originally planned, but is a poem also.

sigmund fraud said...

"...with the penny still left somewhere out of reach/ but still there where he left it/ always unrecovered "

Touching. Enjoyed reading this piece.

Enemy of the Republic said...

My time out of town was cool--too short, but I got to hang out with Cliff; he's on this page too. We had a blast and ended up drinking warm sake and eating sushi--so fun!

camera shy said...

thanks sf

he was a curious child . . . both in his search and in his seeming lack of regard for the pennies whereabouts after such a dilegent search.

MotoRama said...

Why does things always happen in a coffee shop ? is that the preferred location for writers ?

"the will to explore the entire world" -- i loved the way u changed the direction in that line!

camera shy said...

i live in coffee shops
they could probably legally charge me rent

camera shy said...

saki and sushi

GEL said...

Nostalgic and full of promise.

camera shy said...



or filled with promises
im not sure which . . .

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