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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


we fool ourselves no longer
we believe more in rain than we do in oceans
we fear nothing now
last night’s untouched bed proves it.

we need the other no longer
there are many roads laid out for either one of us to take
father always said that we had dreams too large
and hearts too small.

we listened to him once. but he is gone now. and we forget.

we are just two sides of the arrow
north and south, you and i
we lose mariners in soulful stares
and they sail in our surrender towards the impatient seas.

maybe father was right all along.

once, i felt like 1932
and i remembered you disagreeing
we were us even before years had names
and you said that 1932 was too dark a year
for our cheerleader tendencies.


transience said...

written back in the day when i still called myself a poet.

sigmund fraud said...

"we are just two sides of the arrow,/ north and south, you and I..."

Liked these lines very much.

Cocaine Jesus said...

there are but two real giants in this blogging universe whose talents leave the rest of us breathless.
you are one of them and i wish i was the other.
poet then.
poet still.

transience said...

sigmund fraud. thanks very much.

cocaine jesus. so very kind of you. i don't consider myself a giant, though. but what about the other champion? if not you, then who? i think number two stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

and this poem, oh dear, i think i wrote this straight out of high school. one's archives make the strangest companions on a thursday afternoon (GMT+8).

Cocaine Jesus said...

trans>>>ok, ok. maybe giant is over egging it a bit and i don't want to go down that old chestnut of a topic again BUT you do have talent girl. enormous talent. we are so fortunate here to be able to visit so many talented people and i am not dismissing anyone of 'em but you stand (small as you are!) head and shoulders above the rest.
the other is a dark and prickly mojave desert cactus who was fortunate enough to work with Rozz Williams an also be in EXP. she is the dark queen to your white queen co-opposite and she is my partner on discharge. doriandra of PICA.

camera shy said...

"we had dreams too large
and hearts too small."

"and they sail in our surrender towards the impatient seas."

both of these lines are lovely and stick out in my mind even after having finished and walked away to other things.

well done poetess

GEL said...

Haunting, ponderous and unique tone
Talent showed itself young for you, trans!

transience said...

cocaine jesus. oh, yes. doriandra. i agree. you make me feel six feet tall now--and that's quite a stretch.

blog this. my favorite lines compose the last verse. i'm still trying to remember why, at 16, i would channel such feeling like so.

silvermoon. thank you! i've yet to reach your poetic proportions, though.

Prmod Bafna said...

Great poetry! written when you were 16? *Showers of praises* *fanfare* *applause* :)

transience said...

you're so very sweet. but then i've stopped writing poetry altogether. your appreciation makes me want to pick up where i left off, though. thanks much.

velvetgunther said...

I've been missing ut on a lot, and I can't even call you tranny

transience said...

LOL! well, i would prefer trans, but that's alright, too.

Prmod Bafna said...

Maybe you really must start again then! better late than later!

transience said...

i will try. thanks for your encouragement, xfreakx.

Capegirl said...

1932 was a great year. this is a lovely poem. it's not easy to call yourself a poet, is it?

transience said...

no, not really. i have varying degrees of denial.

bert moth said...

...she writes poetry. I'd have to say my favorite line is: "we believe more in rain than we do in oceans"
The words of a jaded teenager?
At 25 I wish I could write like that.

transience said...

but you do, honey. and jaded or no, i always could do melancholy justice.

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