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Monday, January 09, 2006

Through the missing window...

A purple tree
A yellow earth
Those mangoes flying upwards

You drove your car
through silver
and lakes are liquid gold

you laughed and cried
and i could tell
that hint of a teasing smile

i felt a rose
and polar bears
and feathers on those unicorns

i saw a reindeer
in the snow
and pheonix rise from ashes

i kissed your lips
and felt your tears
you said those were for joy
(though secretly, I really thought that I had stubbed your toe!)

My winters and my summers
in lovely gale and snow
My feet so very static, yet I was on the go!

those four walls just surround me
i'm far beyond
Nothing's hidden or unknown as this is all clear as crystal
through my missing window



Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, this is beautiful! Liquid gold--I love it. I'm glad you're posting!

Eastmancolour said...

Thanks EOTR :)

actually..crazy as it is.. this is prolly one of the deepest ones i've written.


from behind the walls... i dont see the world you're talking about..but i see it through you.
and you show me.. the reality
or what i believe is the reality
because i believe you

all in there
what happens
what's happening
what is
and isnt
is real
or not... again
all's not lies
all's not real
it's all there
even dreams
and hopes and desires
each is one of the pictures in there when you read it.

i try to say too much !

De.vile said...

Im absolutely fascinated. OMG! THIS is FRIKING beautiful. Man!!!

Still not finished. Its like an unfinished orgasm feeling, i have right now.

Eastmancolour said...


why THANK you !
though compliments so extreme make me wonder.... ;)


De.vile said...

I guess it is a little umm 'ballistic'. Just, sometimes 17 year oldness peaks up and you cant contain. :)

Nevertheless, amazing.

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