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Monday, January 02, 2006

Prone to atrocity

Prone to atrocity
(for Thomas Edward Shaw)

Impossible completely -
once seen you always remain
a rabbit on the hillside
in forgettable rain.

A rabbit on the hillside
sent tumbling down
to a look of fire below
the muddied ground.

To never be completed
the secret is never to be seen
by those who once saw you
scarper in the rain.

To view all the fires,
take the demons as you run
away, far off, retreat from them –
run, rabbit, run.



Enemy of the Republic said...

Now I think I have posted this on your page, but how influenced is this by Ted Hughes? I see so much of his struggle with nature as a metaphor in your work. That's a compliment, by the way. When Ted is/was good, he kicked ass.

deemikay said...

Mmm... not intentionally influenced by him. I think I may have to write a post (at my bit) about my influences and what I do with them.

Thanks for getting me thinking. :o)


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