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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Or was it Romeo and Juliet or Oedipus the King all those fragile lives
in secrecies palm weary at best just beyond love’s folly (which sprang
upon all of us with the joyful lust of young Labradors) lingering so slowly behind
as we sat uneasy in our chairs captives to their unearthly blindness

And there was no resolution not once not really conflict riddled them all too successfully the layers of lies blossoming then falling away pulled free by an eager wind’s long fingers scattered elegantly (yes, elegantly) upon the earth
to pave the way to useless pageants a stranger’s hand to hold
a distant apothecary’s kiss a heart spilling silken blood from a wounded chest
one man’s rage toward darkness

Let it be known that by love I do mean fate how it changes everything
Incredulity scorn a fallen king’s cries the fragile webs between us
sagging beneath the weight
It’s easy to say we don’t deserve this this game of waiting on lives already fallen to fall yet we dare not walk away in case the fates have slumbered have missed their cue to cut these strings and chance is born unto us all.

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