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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Carved & shaped   [a responsive sonnet]

Carved & shaped
        or quarried & moved

chipped & scraped
        or polished & buffed

what we are
        grows finely grooved

this   the artist
        first out-roughed

then returned   with tinkling files
    prodding   sanding   blowing breath
        in our sheen   he sees his smiles
            while his little knives marked   death

                birth   pain   growth-confusion

                finely edge   the stony mass
                often a wash   of warm illusion
                lets the sediment   lift & pass

        from this workshop   who egresses?
        few are finished!   patience blesses

This replies to the two sonnets below (Jyostna's and Deemikay's).


Jyotsna said...

"what we are
grows finely grooved" true David and beautiful words here..
I enjoyed reading your responsive sonnet.

Cliff said...

I also like the picture of the green man.

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