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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


For my husband

I dreamed you were my private flower,
close to my breast, you knew
my heartbeat, my thoughts, my sins.
You forgave me everything with your
delicious spice that enfolded me in the
greatest love I have ever known.

Flowers forget the end to eternity;
they breathe life into state air.
You breathed into me; your inhalation wove its
way into endless weeds that clouded my mind,
making me clear and whole again.

Yes, I do. But the truth of love lies only
in flower beds, tended like children. My love grew wild;
more weeds clutter us. Now I know that
fragrance is transitory, like love you share that
later wilts in the winds of winter that says the end.


TULIP said...

wow enemy,this is just so beautiful.the way u play with words have always loved ur writing but this love poem if i may say jus lovely..

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks Tulip. These poems either work or they don't. Right now I'm in a rut.

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