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Monday, January 09, 2006

High Plain Drifter


High Plain Drifter

I need to feel a blanket of snow
Onthe ground to cover our soot
Slow water to heal the root
where growth is still vital
Cold cover for thin repeated dirt
Still, smooth frozen sheets
For bed, to sleep and wait
Cold lives warm in rotation
Our quiet equivocation tivks

JM 1-8-06


Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, this is nice. Was Clint on your mind or the idea of Clint?

pomedome said...

The obtuse punnery of a pop title.
The last line , last word should be ticks. I was playing beat the clock at the library...Also meant to post on Pomegranite. I must seek remedial education. I get lost right after "It's easy, you just.." Have nice dayys

Old Fogey said...

enemy of the republic says:
"those who actually read this site, I'm going to be out of town for the next week or so, and I won't be near a computer. Feel free to write comments anyway, even though I don't know what you will be responding to. I think I need the break from blogging too; I haven't been able to think of a thing to write and that's not like me; usually shutting me off is the problem! I feel brain dead. Next week I'll be back at work, doing the crazy race."

Is there anyone else on this blog you can ask about remedial education??

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