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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Further to Jyotsna's sonnet...

Here's one written this morning. :o) I haven't written one for ages and ages...

Stone sonnet

Some stone set down and lifted up again
to be placed there and poured over once more.
Some stone lifted to remind me of when
its soft shape was taken from the floor.

Take this stone sodden from the shadowed stream
in a forest of rowans and beeches.
Held up and dried, lifted from life to dream,
left far off from its woodland reaches.

Launched into the hands of city dwellers
who know nothing of its wet beginnings
but its change outwith sheltered umbrellas
and its speckling with the sky's downpourings.

This stone set in a city dweller's hands
brings tree and river to the built-up lands.



Jyotsna said...

aaah thanks...was lovely reading this and that my sonnet elicited this.
i loved the use of "lifted from life to dream"..simple words with a power of their own

camera shy said...

hey, nice work here

it's good to revisit the old forms . . .

and do them well

nice job

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