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Friday, January 20, 2006

Toffee Love

She entered my life like summer.
Warm as honeysuckle and sudden as nicotine.
I remember the first collision of our eyes from across a silent room. A silence filled with the hubris of business. A spark that flew at acute angles and bounced around the distance between us like Morse code. A semaphore signal that rode on wings of lust and damp desire.

Of all the gin joints in all the world you had to walk into mine.

Funny that.
The way that quote floated into my mind at just the same time as my eyes were undressing her.
As she was undressing me.
The strange, inexplicable magic weaved its drunken spell and we both became intoxicated by its voodoo.

The Gris Gris and the chicken bone.
Shake them.
Shake them.

Days bled into weeks and the turmoil of our lives twisted knotted desires between us and neither one of us could break the cord. And ironically neither one of us could break the vows we had made those years gone by.

Loyalty or fear? Maybe elements of both.

The age gap played no part. It really didn’t come into the equation. Commitment did and there was none on offer. None we could truthfully deliver.

She danced before me and threw off her blouse and we kissed and promised the stars to each other but all we had to offer was a fistful of rose dust.

I would have tasted those lips forever. I would have parted those thighs and laid my heart in her hand but that old devil, commitment and loyalty, and the love of children, strode between us with a vow.

She entered my life like summer and just as soon as seasons change she was gone.


transience said...

cj, you've a wondrous way with words. and your writing styles are like the seasons, too. forever changing but each and every one captivating in their own right. i would love to read more of this.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow! This is awesome, very good. I love the title. I'm so glad you are here.

Cocaine Jesus said...

trans>>>there will be a part two but not just yet. need to get my feet properly under the table of this exciting site. so much talent on here. what a privilege to be named amongst these folks.

Cocaine Jesus said...

eotr>>>thank you. glad that you liked it. i'm very glad to be here too.
guess i betta call you boss from now on?!!?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Please don't. I don't do well with authority!

camera shy said...


wonderful work
each time
i read it
it evokes something different
in me

as good writing should

Cocaine Jesus said...

blog this>>>thank you young sir. the competition here looks fierce and although i am not good a competing much it certainly worked for lennon and mcCartney so lets hope we all can inspire each other.

transience said...

can i be lennon?

Cocaine Jesus said...

trans>>>but that means that i have to be macca and i prefer lennons songs!

thumbscrew said...

Beautiful but sad. Still.

GEL said...

I'm sure I shall spend the rest of the day thinking "warm as honeysuckle and sudden as nicotine."
To quote you, CJ, "more!!" ;)

Cocaine Jesus said...

thumbscrew>>>hello you. good to hear from my erstwhile daughter. you could phone me rather than leave messages you know.

Cocaine Jesus said...

silvermoon>>>welcome to this exciting new venture. one has to be cool about it you know but i feel like a big kid.
thanks for your lovely comments.
more soon and here (and all new) on spilled to bloodlessness

Enemy of the Republic said...

I just left a message for Silvermoon--what a talent. CJ: You only know the best. Is thumbscrew really your daughter?

Cocaine Jesus said...

eotr>>>silvermoon is one HUGE talent. thumbscrew is my eldest daughter and is a part time blogger!
and yes she really is!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Well, let's hope Silvermoon joins. She's got some good stuff.

GEL said...

Silvermoon has turned into "Rougemoon" from the this flattery! Could you all move in on my street? I'd adore hanging out on the front porch or sitting on anyone of your floors regardless of contributing or not.

EOTR: my email is not working today. I just need to ensure contributing here doesn't compromise professional obligations I have. I'll be in touch soon!

Cocaine Jesus said...
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Cocaine Jesus said...

silvermoon>>>without wishing to sound too flirtatious, you can sit on my porch anyday!

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