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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Yellow Manila

It was a lazy morning and all I could think of doing was to sift through stuff gathered over the last couple of years. And out came the yellow manila that I'd almost forgotten about. There was a picture of her draped in an orange sari and many other paper memories. Photos of some missions in California, some even looking like an old South Indian temple. Especially that of the Mission San Antonio De Padua, the third of California's 21 missions.

She'd scribbled descriptions of all the articles on post-its behind the postcards and photographs. There was one paper napkin she'd saved from our visit to Lori's Diner. Neatly folded and as white even after being mothballed in the yellow manila for more than two years now. That evening at Lori's Diner we ordered one banana split, which, when it arrived, had us gasping.

It was a very big banana.

And then there were these unused BART tickets that she never used. Just so I could save them as memories. All this prompted me to shoot off an e-mail to her. As I waited for a reply, I thought about the last evening we spent sitting on abandoned railroad tracks facing a lake.

"Why didn't I meet you in school?"

"Yeah, that would have been nice. You'd have been this tall girl two classes my senior, on whom I'd have had a crush. And we could have gone biking in abandoned wastelands."

"Why abandoned? Why not on streets with cars? Or people?"

"Then I wouldn't have to share you with anybody else's gaze. I could watch you in peace."

"Oks, let it be abandoned wastelands then."

We didn't speak for a long time after that. She was dropping me to the airport that night and I still hadn't packed.


I didn't get a reply to my e-mail the next day. The message came back saying there were permanent, fatal errors with the address.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Ah, Oreen, what are we going to do with this big banana?

I like your ending. It's the post modern waking up from a dream.

So glad you are aboard.

velvetgunther said...

no reply to an e-mail? now, that sounds familiar

Oreen said...

so people are not replying to your e-mails? are they at least leaving comments on your blogs?

We finally managed to finish the banana split. It made us gasp on its way in.

pomedome said...

Gasp. Ain't love grand?
I was sorting an old box of shit and treasure just today.
Preserve your memories...pre-serve
life and it will serve you back.
Go bananas.