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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Glance

Had written this quite sometime back and is one of my fav till date. Do let me know your reactions to this. :)

What is that sparkle?
That shiver electrifying my nerve ends?
That averted glance -
Sending the unsent message...

Do I comprehend the message right?
Am I reading you?
'Coz your body speaks to me. Like you talk.
In all those unspoken words.
Spoken in all those meets, we never had.

The aware nerves the moment you're around
The times I look up blankly
And see you passing by
The veneer that shades
The glance that glades...
I know you, just like you know me.
In the jingle of nerves. In those glances.
Sometimes held. Sometimes averted. Just so.

The need to look away
To close my eyes and sense you...
It sears me to know
That maybe you burn too.


Dan Husain said...

I am sure you're not looking for my opinion here nevertheless, my skin still tingles when I read the last two lines. :-)

Brilliant poem!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Blue Athena,

Thanks for posting the great poem!

velvetgunther said...

Aaah...Bluey's here. Good.

Oreen said...

i really don't know what to say. your poems are so amazingly readable, there's nothing left for us to say.

pomedome said...

We burn. This energy is strong.
Proximity is an issue...
Terrific writing. Very well spoken image of the nearly unsayable.

ravali said...

very beautiful.
i like more than the words and what they mean, the tone and the whispered resound of the lines mould themselves soo beautifully that the writing becomes the moment instead of describing it.