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Wednesday, December 21, 2005



Enemy of the Republic said...


This is absolutely breathtaking. I'm so honored that you are here. I guess I better get cracking again on some of my own material!

TULIP said...

vg,this is so beautiful

david raphael israel said...

Hey Velv --

wonderfully surreal (in a rather classic sense). I've not seen a lot of your artwork (will have to look back into your archives I guess).

Hazarding a note of shameless auto-promotion [that has a more academic ring than "self"?], -- but mainly out of fresh enthusiams from the experience of writing it, kindly allow me to point you to my poem The Religion of Blogging.

I'd not noted this blog till now -- seeking anything new from Shilpa. (Her fans await more from her!) Enemy, are you the instigator? Good show!

hat-tips y'all,

Enemy of the Republic said...

Guilty as charged, David. Gonna check out your poem, now.