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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bluey's "Hope" II and III

These images were inspired by Bluey's poem "Hope" which you can find on her blog. An earlier version of this image is also posted on my blog. Click on them to zoom.


Vijayeta said...

Ok, my first visit to this blog. And a great first impression. ...VG, these images are fabulous, like i said before. Although i cant decide between these and the one on your blog. I think the white makes it look stunningly stark...
Great work, nonetheless!

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is great, VG, and I know the poem; I just read it the other day. I'm so glad you are on this blog!

Shilpa said...

VG, brilliant! I personally like the white background better for the contrast and starkness it lends - like Vij says.

Blue Athena said...

I like both these versions as well. II and II for the diffused look and I for the starkness.

Good going VG! :)

pomedome said...

Wow. I just found blue athena.
What a nice site. A pure stream. Good water. - Excellent Pictures.
Hope moves here. -JM

david raphael israel said...

Herr Gunther!
superb diptych, arresting images.
cheers, d.i.