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Saturday, December 10, 2005


My first ever post at a collab-blog. Hope 'tis good enough.

Life begets nothing.
Ignorance is bliss.

The reaping of the cosmos
For tiny strands of knowledge –
Those accompany us
For moments, and leave

To join the emptiness
That stands unfazed

Learning more and more about less and less
Is man’s ultimate goal.

To know emptiness.
Understand it.
Comprehend it.

“What is the point of knowing emptiness?”
I ask.

And emptiness stares back.

OK. I cheated. 'tis an old work. Redone.


Enemy of the Republic said...

It's great! And it is perfect for this blog! Thanks and welcome!

TULIP said...

haha..i love the line its n old work ..redone...m tulip..been watchin u guys do some good work...joining u ppl..

velvetgunther said...

hey, good one

Enemy of the Republic said...


You want to join? Email me. You are welcome.

pomedome said...

The point is a line.
Well done. Thanks.-JM