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Saturday, December 31, 2005

mythology — vignette no. 1       [boomerang]

Time had a whim to stop!   but had simply forgotten how!
the trees had grown more cautions     they declined to say

the birds?   they'd all flown south   (a wind had whispered "sough!")
well & as for the rivers     still they pretended to   wend their way!

it became (in fine)  a non-event!   (though an allmost-was)
time gradually drained itself in thought     could this allow

these pellucid beings   to feel some   lift   of a blissful buzz?
had time   really hankered to stop?     but failed to remember how?


Enemy of the Republic said...

Time is such a motif in your writing. Have you ever figured out why or is it just fun? By the way, Happy New Year!

david raphael israel said...

don't know why!
haven't had the time!
[sorta kidding ;-)
fair question tho]
happy new year to tu too!

camera shy said...

i like this piece a lot
nice work