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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


To heal I need you,
your rawness,
to feel you,
touch you,
hear you,
as you tear me apart
till the tears flow...

Your beauty lies in
that you remain
behind the layers
that no one else can
glimpse but me...

Only when
I venture into space,
the empty space
that you occupy
where I savor your feel
your fullness
and absorb you....

Not a friend
not an enemy
just my teacher
teaching me lessons
through challenges
that I have ignored
so far...

I go to bed
every night feeling
I have accepted you
just that bit
that little bit
And just when I catch
a glimpse of the healing light...

I see the shadows lurking ahead …..

Written many months ago and co-posted on my blog.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Man, I just caught this one. I think you do a fine job examining pain imagery; I feel very close to that at this point; I'm working on a poem myself, but I wonder if I am worthy of such august company.

Dan Husain said...

Ahh! This one is lovely. The shadows lurking! :-)