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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What if I grew wings?

I could fly
I could soar
to unexpected heights
unimaginable goals.

Explore the world,
its mysteries
kiss the magical skies
glide the mystical seas.

Befriend the birds
and animals too
Become one with nature
with the wings I grew.

Be unfettered, unbound
No holding back in pain.
Sheer ecstasy and bliss
of tasting freedom again.

No more “what ifs”
About what life can bring
I just wish….
I could grow wings!

Written months ago!


velvetgunther said...

And Jo's here nice to see you!

Dan Husain said...

Imago! Thats what comes in my mind when I read this. :-)

TULIP said...

hey what if we all grow wings..ideal it would be...