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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Those new visitors are like morning dew –
they lift off the grass so quickly.
Do not be scared of what they will do
or for how long, as clearly
you will be unkind.
Take care of the fresh dew
let it vanish
and go
with the sun -

sun and mind
on them:
your visitors.
They will not ruin you
they will abandon
you as you abandon them
to their travels and ephemera.
They will sort themselves and begin
leaving you without an et cetera…

P.S. Thanks for inviting me EOTR.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you for being here and classing up our page. I especially admire your use of form--quite well done and always a mystery to me. I"m lucky if I can think of the damn poem!

deemikay said...

HAHA! "Classing up?" I think not.... :o)

The form made the poem here... I took two proverbs and added a structure. Then I wrote the poem.

I'm glad to be here... hope you don't mind if I do intentionally constrained poems here... a bit different from my usual stuff. I'll have a read around as well and see what everyone else is up to!

Thanks again for the invite,

Enemy of the Republic said...


Do whatever you want. We are all here to grow as writers. I, for one, am a big fan of your stuff.