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Thursday, December 29, 2005


That soft patter
like little paws,
eager to soothe
the master's grief.

You enter my room,
a solid spirit
made into flesh.
You're a god, the holy one,
spent all over my coverlets.
You devour me,
my body in pieces.
All I ever wanted
happened right here.

The mist slaps my eyes;
that shining other grafts your heart onto mine---
I can't hope for this again.
Nothing is love for you.

This path I walk alone.
You shattered that bridge that
plunges me into the bottomless chasm,
while you ascend like the Holy Dove,
so pure and far away from me.


Dan Husain said...

Complex imagery! I had to bend my linear thoughts many times to get it straight! :-))

Closing two lines are do i put it - only a betrayed can feel it! :-)


velvetgunther said...