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Monday, October 30, 2006

In a whirring taxi

In a whirring taxi - the rain beats late, hard drops on the windscreen. I sit with my sleeping daughter draped across my aching arms.

'I would fight the worst demons the devil has in him for you my sweetness.'

I whisper inside my head.


For the Birthday Girl (Enemy of the Republic)

I don't know, cannot remember, where I stole this from but this is for our lovely 'team leader' on her birthday.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

discharge (beautiful raven in dark places)

"And another part of your soul is placed in ink.
Yet you fight again to stand
With dreams of fullfillment and love and trust,
Yet part of you always wonders...
Always questions."

Raven arrives with a hubris of black feathers
and a pestilence of petticoats.
She is the colour of night.
She is the stuff of cobwebs.
Her words are of the pulse
and the heart beat.
She tastes of chrome.

speak tothe dark angels

Thursday, October 26, 2006

don't forget to vote america

they will pay you in dollars to go to the booths
so listen up now for some home truths.
folks will do anything for a couple of bucks
though it's cheaper to change a system that sucks.
so my advice, to any who'll listen,
is to impeach george bush and change the system.

words by cocaine jesus

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i dont have that kind of words
how do you draw in a few syllables
or many, a picture of a black hole?
or emptiness, or a desert?

i saw you in my dreams again
alive, smiling, soft
is it really so out of proportions
whats the correct length mourning?

how decides these things?
who lays down the laws
whom we can love, how and how much
and the ways in which we can die

i felt your smile around me
softly, u drew me in
these memories are like a soft edged knife
smoothly slides in and hammers out again

suddenly i'm out of breath
inside i'm screaming
outside there's just a distant look
in my eye, that passes when u look this way

yes, i'm learning the lessons life's been teaching
now i leave quietly through the backdoors
pristine honesty, contracts of love, santa claus and forever
now i know they're just dreams

its one of those times again
soon, i know, it will pass
for now i can only wait
till the pain recedes to a dull ache again

How many windows?

A prize (real or imaginary) for the most inventive answer...


it only takes nothing
you do nothing, and yet
you make my heart flip
round and round, and faster

it only takes nothing
you do nothing, and yet
i wish this moment would never end
because i never knew one so perfect

anyway, far from liking you,
i dont even know ur middle name
isnt it strange then
that i u drop in to my mind again

should i bother to dispel it
should i worry about it being wrong
should i bother about my safety
or more importantly, yours?

i almost cannot bear to
its a lazy tired feeling
like coming home, to a home
a mad day had made me forget

i want to let it be
it's only for a while
its trapped in this moment
i want to freeze this moment in time

Here's Some Experimental Comedy

Well, me almost reading some poems...

Click on the blank space below.

the middle muddle

slap it on like paint so thick
and i will act surprised,
but you know,
and i know
that the events are not of your making.
you cannot control the beast that rises
deep in the heart of men.
any more than you can control the ebbing tide
nor the waning moon.
history will mark you as just another.
just another.
an arsewipe who, with evangelical zeal,
kicked a mule and a stallion kicked back.
so paper over the cracks.
paint the walls to white.
everything is as you made it
and nothing is quite right.

words by cocaine jesus

Sunday, October 22, 2006

a prayer

sometimes ur sad, but you're ok
and at other times,
sadness has a scary edge of desperation to it
and you feel like u might just be drowning
slipping into some deep dark place inside you
and u break into pieces, each watching all the others
one wanting to dive in and swim in the dark,
find the heart of the night
and another, scared, wanting the light
and another, that died or was never born,
and couldnt care one way or another
and while u slide, u panic
and u want to reach out
when i slide there's no one
i'd dare to hold on to
that i wouldnt pull them in
or be burnt by the grip
one well for another
but thats why
when i walk by a well, or bog
i stretch my arms out and hold on tight
and pull whenever
and once ashore
i let go
but sometimes thats not
just what they were after
as a price for ur wanting to make them happy
they want ur soul
443 days
443 nights
443 notches on the side of ur grave
ur stubborn indifference
makes me hate
anyone who dares to give me love instead
ur still, cold, grey, body,
and ur dancing eyes in my dreams
make me want to kill
anyone who dares to live instead
oceans of mustard seeds wouldnt help
attics full of corpses wouldnt help
lifetimes of love and joy, wouldnt help
bcz u'd still be dead
as always i hurt myself to hurt u
i open it up and it all spills out
i dont want nothing of urs, so i let it spill
come back
ill grind out the one u loved
ill never let her smile again
if u want her at all
come back
did u really stop giving a fuck?
i'm tired of hurting, come back

cross posted on chocolat amer

Speak to the Dark Angels???

For Cocain Jesus n Stikleback:
Death face
you are the bitch
Kick her far.
slit party nuns
back bone churning
fickle birthday face.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

a pot of clay

u seduce me
with my reflection
in ur head
into being
something i am not
but its only for a while
just one dance and i'm gone
though you want to
you cant hold me
though i want to
i cant stay
i cant hold the pose
this alien shape
i can stay
but not alive
u dont want me as i am
u want to trap me
hold me in ur pores
in ur unchanging shape
but i am fluid
i am free
and i need to breathe
and flow, unfettered
i may be damned
but only for a while
u can hold me inside
but i'll escape, seep out
so i evaporate
float up with the winds
and ur left
twisted out of shape
with hole inside
trying to hide


what can i say?
however far you run,
life gets a hold of you
and brings you back
once more
face to face with your nightmares
your destiny
everyone is different
everyone's the same
loving circles,
of words and arms
stifling close
brittle euphoria
liquor spiced
whichever gods u choose
whichever feet you find
to kneel at
will melt in pools of weak clay
and soft sweet sickly sympathy
is all ur destined to feel
there are
no gods to worship
or maybe
the pedestals too rocky
and high
the world shifts
and re adjusts
around u
in a circle of laughing dwarfs
who only want to hide
crouching low, small shallow minds
firm resolve
not to look outside
their games, groups and tribes
poke clumsy fingers
wounds of agony
inexpertly bandaged
waiting for time to bring
enough scar tissue
to hide
and seal
on word
u casually speak
that means so much
such a big deal
unuttered for 442 days
is carelessly laughed away
bcz i know ur dead
for the world, anyway
i open hands
i crack them on stone
it comes out
all ur stuff
and i dont want it anymore
i want it to evaporate
go up in smoke
like u
chase after
bcz i know ur there

Abandoned baby / squashed bunny

Taken 21st October, 10 minutes apart.

How to de-SCUM. (The End)

Let’s liscence the whores to run this Nation.
Make their slang the words of law.
Then let’s burn ourselves,
We’re dying anyway.
Our wounds are numb and raw.

How to de-SCUM. WAY# 5

Let’s force the men’s mothers out.
And hold their son’s mouths down
To suck the Given from God of Heaven
From their Unholy mother’s breasts brown.

Friday, October 20, 2006

discharge (that handsome mammal killer luca)

killer luca is an artist.
killer luca loves snails.
killer luca painted "two men fucking".
killer luca tastes of ozone.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Wings

Behold the dying;
Touch me with the key.
A caged bird, she's crying--
Her heart breaks upon what's scattered.
A Ruth who goes gleaning for wheat she can eat.
The seeds of the birds, so restless in waiting.
Did she find love?
Did she find peace?
The tempter finds the body in the cage while she's praying.
The blood that will heal you is calling your name,
Standing like a lighthouse to show you the way.
But the devil and his lions find my face,
The body grows cold like the wasteland that Arthur never saved.
But the angel will take you up as a light to embrace.
You're bound to the Power that called Jacob's name.
The patriarch is hiding his name in your beauty that no one can erase.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Black & White: Beep Bop-a-lu-la

Black & White: Beep Bop-a-lu-la


Taken last month in Durness on the north coast of Scotland. (PS I'll be more vocal now on here and especially in comments... I was anti-talking on blogs for a few months... I'm back to normal now.)

behind who's veil?

from the pages of the daily express
greased with prejudice
and oiled with bias
comes a convenient target
to attach your phobias to.
the obligatory nigger of the new age wears a veil.
[hey! fuck face]
[hey! fuck face]
claim it as sexist
or claim it as inappropriate
at the end of the day it is
no one's damn business how any of us dress

words by cocaine jesus

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to de-SCUM. WAY# 4

Lets move the government
Into my drawing room.
Its better off decorating my toilet seat, I know.
Then open fire and let them lie.
Neatly stacked and bloody ugly, in a row.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New website!

I'm starting a new website for 3D art of the erotique, gothic, fantasy and sci-fi kinds.

How to de-SCUM. Way#2

Let’s shove the ministers down in one giant hole.
And make them stand stark naked in the pit.
Make them lick the scum off each other.
And have their genitals slit.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to de-SCUM. WAYS #1and 2

Lets do grass in a Business Conference.
Roll a joint, stuff it with I-DON-CARE
Lets strangle the law keepers,
With our hands bare
They’re wastin my money anyway.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chick Flick


honey drops roll
on my tounge
--sticky lips


You sure are sharp
Like one focken razor.
But you can't chop
Because razors don't go chop chop chop.

Maybe NextTime

The children are innocent until proven guilty. For their sake, not ours, we must soldier on, muddling our way toward frugality, simplicity, liberty, community, until some kind of sane and rational balance is achieved between our ability to love and our cockeyed ambition to conquer and dominate everything in sight.

Edward Abbey

discharge (the ever gorgeous doriandra smith)

"mummy offers a choice, "be wrecked by the distance insued or lulled by the clamor of well dressed thieves posing as those practicing empathy." this child (am i) will resort to what is comfortable and customary- picking&pecking&plucking with sharp steel tools at what lies silently under skin so thin like fragile leaves with blue veins pulsing arrogantly"

this is the gorgeous doriandra smith

with two albums to her credit.
an american artist with an ever creative heart.
her skin tastes of orange peel.
speak to the dark angels

Monday, October 09, 2006

Guided by Hubris

So here we are with another bit of the freakshow which is our country.
nice going!

Who do you have to blow to get away from these freaks?

The PrOncess

'I'd like to lock her in a tower and make her write pornography exclusively for me - metaphorically speaking that is.'

Saturday, October 07, 2006

light/dark - dark/light

(One taken 7th October. One taken 23rd September. One in Dingwall. One in Draffan. That's 191.7 miles.}

Friday, October 06, 2006

what is it with me?

i pour my scorn into a hollow, half filled glass and fill it to the brim with cynicism.
does the life we lead suck so hugely big time?
the dark pull of some base emotion ignites my soul and my scrutiny and my head fogs over and my heart does what it will.
that same old rage that has a sister called weeping. if not one then the other.
what is it with me?
sometimes the only escape is sleep.
maybe music or reading but never t.v. too much shit to sit and shift and sift through and then there is the news that only confirms what I already thought I knew about the human race.
What is it with me?

words by cocaine jesus

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last night the world had come to an end.She was alone.Everyone sleeping tight.Under humid fans.Bare bellied.Sweating in dirty sheets.Dark dusty dry hollow.A destroyed metropolis. And she was a l o n e .

Very very scared.No mother. No boy.

Don't snap.

My stomach is a perpetual knot.
I don't want to snap.
Each day, a tractor pull.
The weight is climbing.
I sink up to my ankles with every step.
Soon, up to my knees.
Likely up to my neck before I am through.
I should take a day off.
A day off from what or whom?
In a tunnel with turns you can't see the end.
I step...and I sink.
Don't snap.
I step...and I think.
Don't snap.
I step.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Underground

'What time did your bubble burst this morning then?'
'Excuse me?'
'I asked what time your bubble burst this morning. You know what I said.'
'I don't get you.'
'Well - you're the most miserable bastard in this office. Always something to moan about before you even sit down. It's getting everyone down. Just stay in your bubble from now on. Alright?'

It wasn't a question - that last word. Jeff nodded his response. Switched on his computer and started driving his heavy, heavy mouse.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pablo 18+1

With the Devil in his eyes,
he's got CJ's burger in his belly.

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