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Friday, October 06, 2006

what is it with me?

i pour my scorn into a hollow, half filled glass and fill it to the brim with cynicism.
does the life we lead suck so hugely big time?
the dark pull of some base emotion ignites my soul and my scrutiny and my head fogs over and my heart does what it will.
that same old rage that has a sister called weeping. if not one then the other.
what is it with me?
sometimes the only escape is sleep.
maybe music or reading but never t.v. too much shit to sit and shift and sift through and then there is the news that only confirms what I already thought I knew about the human race.
What is it with me?

words by cocaine jesus


Prerona said...

i loved this CJ! specially "that same old rage that has a sister called weeping". yes, i know these guys. wonderful words. ur really gifted!

Inkblot said...

I know the feeling.

yes, what is it?

and when you figure it out- let me know.

LJ said...

Pluto in Scorpio generation would be my guess.
Having to overturn every rock to see what's underneath.
Never missing the spider in the rose.
Never believing the surface because the depths are always visible?
Born between Feb 1983 and Oct 1995 (with the exception Jan-May 1995)?
It's a rhetorical question.

Cocaine Jesus said...

prerona>>>thanks honey.

Cocaine Jesus said...

inky>>>will do.

Cocaine Jesus said...

lj>>>nope. sorry but wrong wrong wrong. born in 1954. late march and therefore an arian. the rest is right though so i guess i should have said wrong wrong RIGHT!!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I understand. I need to write more poetry.

LJ said...

Very strong Pluto influence, I'd guess.
I shouldn't guess. But that's a metaphor for what I got right.
Not that Aries is exactly your kick back and relax Sun sign.

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