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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the middle muddle

slap it on like paint so thick
and i will act surprised,
but you know,
and i know
that the events are not of your making.
you cannot control the beast that rises
deep in the heart of men.
any more than you can control the ebbing tide
nor the waning moon.
history will mark you as just another.
just another.
an arsewipe who, with evangelical zeal,
kicked a mule and a stallion kicked back.
so paper over the cracks.
paint the walls to white.
everything is as you made it
and nothing is quite right.

words by cocaine jesus


Manic Street Preacher said...

anthem to the unrich souls. u know the pain of cowardice.

anonant said...

Sounds like some poor soul found an answer he didnt expect and altough denial is goor for surface features it never removes the structural damage.
I say if you have cracks in your character let them show and be the better for it.

Cocaine Jesus said...

thgis is more about bush and iraq than it is about character flaws

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