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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

behind who's veil?

from the pages of the daily express
greased with prejudice
and oiled with bias
comes a convenient target
to attach your phobias to.
the obligatory nigger of the new age wears a veil.
[hey! fuck face]
[hey! fuck face]
claim it as sexist
or claim it as inappropriate
at the end of the day it is
no one's damn business how any of us dress

words by cocaine jesus


Inkblot said...

I might second that the day men start wearing veils.

gulnaz said...

such crazy business this is!
i don't really support the idea of a veil but then i can't dictate to another how he/she dresses but more than this its the insidious villianising of muslims which makes me feel really sad.

Cocaine Jesus said...

inky>>>yes. men created the veil because they cannot control their own sexuality. wrong. wrong. wrong.
that was then and NOW there are women, for whatever reason, who say they want to wear a veil. my lot used to wear razor blade earings and have green hair. we wore what we wanted and fuck the consequences. i think that if someone wants to dress with a veil, and only if it is appropriate wihin the rules of where they work, then good luck to them.

Cocaine Jesus said...

gulnaz>>>i have never met a muslim that i didn't like and i am not saying it because you are a muslim. i have BIG doubts about ALL organised religion and especially the three monotheistic faiths but for fuck's sake lets live and let live.

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