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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Wings

Behold the dying;
Touch me with the key.
A caged bird, she's crying--
Her heart breaks upon what's scattered.
A Ruth who goes gleaning for wheat she can eat.
The seeds of the birds, so restless in waiting.
Did she find love?
Did she find peace?
The tempter finds the body in the cage while she's praying.
The blood that will heal you is calling your name,
Standing like a lighthouse to show you the way.
But the devil and his lions find my face,
The body grows cold like the wasteland that Arthur never saved.
But the angel will take you up as a light to embrace.
You're bound to the Power that called Jacob's name.
The patriarch is hiding his name in your beauty that no one can erase.


Cocaine Jesus said...

well, you promised us more poetry and more poetry is what we get. blimey. i don't know what to say. sort of biblical in its delivery and yet of the now, the 21st century. i will have to read it again to get its full meaning or at least a better grasp of what it is about. still good though.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Actually, I don't know what it's about. It's the first time I used such obvious Biblical imagery, but I just finished reading a book by Leon Kass on reading Genesis. I was hurting when I wrote it--a friend had hurt my feelings. So I agree, it's a weird one.

Manic Street Preacher said...

this is mixed emotions.

Cocaine Jesus said...

it is funny that sometimes when we write we use biblical references to cast our moods. dylan did it so well around about 67 during the 'all along the watchtower' period although that song doesn't particularly show what i mean.
the hurt comes through though doesn't it and that surely is the sign of good poetry in that the emotion, disguised a little by the text still manages to come through.

Cliff said...

Maybe one of your best poems. I like it a lot.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. Thanks, Cliff.

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