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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i dont have that kind of words
how do you draw in a few syllables
or many, a picture of a black hole?
or emptiness, or a desert?

i saw you in my dreams again
alive, smiling, soft
is it really so out of proportions
whats the correct length mourning?

how decides these things?
who lays down the laws
whom we can love, how and how much
and the ways in which we can die

i felt your smile around me
softly, u drew me in
these memories are like a soft edged knife
smoothly slides in and hammers out again

suddenly i'm out of breath
inside i'm screaming
outside there's just a distant look
in my eye, that passes when u look this way

yes, i'm learning the lessons life's been teaching
now i leave quietly through the backdoors
pristine honesty, contracts of love, santa claus and forever
now i know they're just dreams

its one of those times again
soon, i know, it will pass
for now i can only wait
till the pain recedes to a dull ache again


anonant said...

Love is a strong tool in bringing one to life in our memories. A touch, a scent, a certian way the shadows fall on the kitchen table in the morning mixed with the hearts voice, calls back what was for a moments relife.
The pain in this piece is so strong it touched me.
With this memory know love was, is, and always will be there, and be at peace.

Cocaine Jesus said...

pieces of you smashed into words.

Prerona said...

Anonant, that was beautiful. Thank
you :)

Its easy to know, but peace is still hard to come by bcz parts of you still want what you cant have no longer.

CJ, :)

Prerona said...

CJ, like me, you too have a million blogs. I left a comment somewhere about meeting someone called CJ and thinking of you? Or did I imagine it? I am so scatter brained, its quite likely

velvetgunther said...


velvetgunther said...

I'm only on three blogs and I've posted anything in days, something's just come up

velvetgunther said...

i meant i haven't

Anonymous said...

"Pristine Honesty" ? Is there any other kind?

We never promised you a rose garden--welcome to the world--.

Prerona said...

velvetgunther, well?

You havent? how come? what's just come up?

Goatman, true enough :)


Great expression. I love what "i leave through the backdoors" conveys. I can relate well to this poem. I love the optimism: waiting for dull ache to recede AGAIN- you know you've been through it before and gotten over it... so shall you now.

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