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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don't snap.

My stomach is a perpetual knot.
I don't want to snap.
Each day, a tractor pull.
The weight is climbing.
I sink up to my ankles with every step.
Soon, up to my knees.
Likely up to my neck before I am through.
I should take a day off.
A day off from what or whom?
In a tunnel with turns you can't see the end.
I step...and I sink.
Don't snap.
I step...and I think.
Don't snap.
I step.


goatman said...

When you are released from your prison, prhaps a refreshing swim will be inorder.
Wash off the past and prepare for the next.

Count blessings and continue on best you can.

RuKsaK said...

this is painful - I don't want to stand up now, or go to work, but must - hope I don't snap.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Good to see you, bro. And I understand.

LJ said...

"Each day a tractor pull" and "I sink to my ankles with every step." Very visceral.

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