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Saturday, October 21, 2006

a pot of clay

u seduce me
with my reflection
in ur head
into being
something i am not
but its only for a while
just one dance and i'm gone
though you want to
you cant hold me
though i want to
i cant stay
i cant hold the pose
this alien shape
i can stay
but not alive
u dont want me as i am
u want to trap me
hold me in ur pores
in ur unchanging shape
but i am fluid
i am free
and i need to breathe
and flow, unfettered
i may be damned
but only for a while
u can hold me inside
but i'll escape, seep out
so i evaporate
float up with the winds
and ur left
twisted out of shape
with hole inside
trying to hide


velvetgunther said...

Normally I don't have a high opinion of blogger poets, but you seem to be all right...

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with velvet...u aint all right... my lunch today was alright... u r GOOD !!

velvetgunther said...

OK Raghav, pass on some of that lunch to me!

Prerona said...

:) lol. Thank you, both of you :)

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