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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


it only takes nothing
you do nothing, and yet
you make my heart flip
round and round, and faster

it only takes nothing
you do nothing, and yet
i wish this moment would never end
because i never knew one so perfect

anyway, far from liking you,
i dont even know ur middle name
isnt it strange then
that i u drop in to my mind again

should i bother to dispel it
should i worry about it being wrong
should i bother about my safety
or more importantly, yours?

i almost cannot bear to
its a lazy tired feeling
like coming home, to a home
a mad day had made me forget

i want to let it be
it's only for a while
its trapped in this moment
i want to freeze this moment in time


Cocaine Jesus said...

freeze it and then hide it away somewhere secret.

Prerona said...

lol. yes ... but time slips out of our hands, doesnt it?

maybe its for the best :)

like one of my fav singers sang, "wouldnt have worked out, anyway ..."

velvetgunther said...

Hope it works out well and you're happy :)

Prerona said...

u do? i bet! :)


Ahh... freezing time. You do freeze it-- by remembering it, playing it over and over your head, writing about it, and reading it again and again.

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