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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Your Eyes

I look at your eyes
I can read everything tonight
I feel my presence in your eyes
I see your desire in those eyes

You drop your eyes
I felt you believe me completely
you rise them again
I know you are ready for love

There are small drops
of tears at the corner
telling me I am the one
whom you can wait for life

Don't close your eyes yet
I have to find so many things
the effect of my touch, my kiss
and my love on you

I want to see myself
once again in those eyes
this is a moment which
may never return

I may never be able
to see those eyes again
dipped in so much of love
for me and forever

I want to make love
tonight with them open
Looking at me all the way
telling me all I should know


Prerona said...

awesome. some of the best spotery I have heard in a while

all I have to say said...

thanks for the comment prerona and thanks for stopping by.