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Friday, March 17, 2006


when all is said and done
and judgement is passed
like the cocking of a gun,
that you and I,
wayfarers in the void,
will touch,
before avoiding words
too clumsy to engrave
onto the elusive thoughts
of passing minds

words by cocaine jesus


Prerona said...


nice :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

prerona>>>lets all hope so.


Inkblot said...

what if the gun goes off first?

Maddy said...

will touch briefly...


Cocaine Jesus said...


Cocaine Jesus said...

madelyn>>>lets hope so and thanks.

Max Bouillet said...

Those brief moments... if only we could realize that those moments are life and that life is not the mundane things we do to earn money in order to buy more expensive "life-avoidance" machines.

Cocaine Jesus said...

max>>>sometimes it does seem that all we humans are now taught to create is paper. there is so much more to life than that. these set of words though are about us bloggers. one in particular.