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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Its not a sunny world
And your hair never curled
And your feet never twirled.

Remember that.

When your broken head whirled
And your nightmares unfurled

When your dreams turned to dust
And your spark burned to rust

And your eyes lost that light
And your ghosts won the fight

Don't remember do you?

Sitting cosy in that make believe room
With pretty pills to chase away the gloom

They took it all didn't they
Till every hair turned to grey
And left you with a frozen mind
Not even one axe left to grind.

And yet you always wanted to



Maddy said...


Prmod Bafna said...

Beautifully written! Love the imagery :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

excellent of course

Mathias said...

Well done Inkblot.

sigmund fraud said...

wow !

anonant said...

When your sparks burned to dust.
This is a mind for whom Ginsberg Howled.