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Friday, March 24, 2006

Death becomes you, parts I, II and III

I'm putting these up here, with a few minor changes, because there's a massive stakeout waiting for me at my Death becomes You blog.

Part I

I was right, after all. Foretelling doom was never really my past-time, but this once, I got it right.

It all started rather innocuously. I was in a campus. What was I doing in a campus ten years after I left college? I don't know. It was fate that had a hand in it, if you ask me. At least, it's supposed to be a campus, but it looked more like a park - lawns with neatly clipped grass, bits of shrubs and woods. I had come for a meeting and had about half-an-hour to spare. So I decided to just look around. I passed by seven or eight girls playing football, and took a narrow path that didn't seem to lead anywhere.

I was curious. This was path was lined with hedges and the occasional evergreen, not too well kept, it seemed from their appearance. I had walked for about six or seven minutes. It was quiet all around me. The sound of girls playing football had well faded in the distance. Suddenly, as I turned round the corner where the path took a sharp left, I saw a girl in translucent white sitting under a tree.

It takes a split second to register the following - there's a narrow path, there's no one around, there's a girl sitting under a tree, she's wearing translucent white, and she's all alone.

As I came closer, I noticed her eyes. Well, first her breasts, I dare admit, and then her eyes. Her eyes were a colour of autumn leaves. As I walked towards her, she followed me with her gaze. But she had a vague and lost expression, as if merely registering the fact that I was there. "Is she high?" I thought.

I stood in front of her. She was very beautiful indeed. Straight black hair, with auburn streaks, that came down to her shoulders. Suddenly, I had an evil thought...

Part II

What a splitting headache!

When I woke up, I had no idea where I was. I sure as hell wasn't in my own bed. Just didn't feel like it. It was totally dark, and I gave my eyes some time to get used to it. Wherever I was, I was well looked after. I'd never slept in such a huge bed in my life before.

And then I saw them. There were three naked women standing a few feet away from the bed. They were standing, posing like for a photoshoot, and they weren't moving at all. But they looked weird, unreal. They were really not moving at all, as if they were the expecting the guy with the camera to turn up and say, "Boo! Now didn't I tell you not to move!"

There was little else in the room, as far as I could tell. "Who are you?" I addressed, in the general direction of the three naked women. But they didn't even bother to turn their heads.

"You dickhead," I said to myself, as my vision had gotten used to the darkness, "Can't you see, they're not women. They're fucking mannikins. Go touch them to make sure."

And then, slowly, I remembered the horrors of what happened earlier in the day. I wasn't dreaming after all...

Part III

I was never a sucker for vampire fiction, but I checked my neck for bitemarks nevertheless. Just in case. There weren't any. What was I expecting? Really, what was I expecting?

I got up. I stood face to face with one of the mannikins and did a little dramatic monologue. "What the fuck you looking at" kind of stuff. Damn, she's tall. Half a foot taller than me, and what the fuck you looking at's not gonna get me anywhere with her.

So I headed towards the door. I was hoping I wasn't locked in or something. Matter of fact, I didn't know what was worse. To be locked in, or to be not locked in and not know what was waiting for me outside the moment I opened the door. I opened the door anyway. You got to get the hell out of here, you got to start somewhere.

I looked out into the hallway. Empty.

It was dark in the hallway too, but I could make out two doors on each side and another one at the opposite end. For a moment I felt like I was in Playstation. Open them doors, look for ammo and medpacks. Because you're gonna need them when you go bang bang bang. Or when you go rattattattatatatat.

But I wasn't in any Playstation. Keep dreaming, sucker. You got yourself into this, now get the fuck out of this.I stood against the first door on my left. Held my ear against it. Nothing. So I opened.

Oh boy...


velvetgunther said...

Hey En, hey Coke!

Cocaine Jesus said...

Oh Boy...INDEED..

Hey VG!

Inkblot said...

vivid visions-
vanish like vapour
when we awake.

enjoyed your prose. playstation was a nice touch:)

Oreen said...

hey, nice to have you back . . .