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Saturday, March 25, 2006

icarus in the sun

you dress yourself in satin but your style is pure tat
you think that you are super fly, that you are where it's at
but with due consideration let me present the facts
you wouldn't even know the truth if the truth ate your hat.
you move around the city like some aging floor show host
without a shred of common sense you idly like to boast
about your bodouir conquests, notched onto your bed post
but the truth still remains the same, your bread is just burnt toast.
i've watched you now for oh so long, i've seen your rusty wit
destroy those you claim to love and make them feel like shit
you use your tongue with brutish skill, a razor blade to slit
the white little virgin throats that present another hit.
but before you flee or run away let me finish whats begun
you're nothing but a little man armed with a big mans gun
you've made your mark on society and you've had your bit of fun
you're nothing but feathers and glue, like icarus in the sun.

keep your underwear clean and fresh in case you ever enter Ritual Acts with Penquins

words by cocaine jesus


Prmod Bafna said...


Inkblot said...


Cherie! said...

Lolling! Brilliant!

Maddy said...

Excellent and sharp.
Beautiful and sheer.

Cocaine Jesus said...

prmod>>>really? thanks.

Cocaine Jesus said...

inky>>>more angry than beautiful.

Cocaine Jesus said...

cherie>>>welcome and thanks.

Cocaine Jesus said...

maddy>>>a bit like your fabulous photos

Sculpt Me said...
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Sculpt Me said...

showing more feathers than glue.

Cocaine Jesus said...

huddled mass>>>a bit o both