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Monday, August 14, 2006

War With Javascript


Guys, I'm trying to make our template more interesting without allowing obnoxiousness to rule. I'm also starting a Spilled to Bloodlessness Google Group for all of us, as soon Blogger will be forcing us to use Google directly to access our blogs. I also want to know your ideas and input on creating a kick ass blog. I love what we do here. So let's talk.

This is a collage by my husband; I played around with the tints again. He's really into violent reds; I like things on the cool colour side. I can publish the original if you want. Hopefully, he will join the blog and share his work. He has been asked. But you all know how artists can be!


Cocaine Jesus said...

obviously one of your husbands BUT has he used a picture of you from some old snap?
fantastic whatever.

cappuccinofetus said...

fantastic peice of art. Thanks for the comment btw.. it was a while back..

Vin said...

Very nice art !! Would liek to see the origianl.

Inkblot said...

go for it- sounds like a good idea-will be here to support. lovely hues there..

Free Spirit said...

Interesting picture.

Greetings to everyone.

I come from whence the belle rings to answer the call from whom the grass whispers.

Manic Street Preacher said...

this should be it!
this is the fun part!
do it, by all means.

david raphael israel said...

hey -- just seeing new look after some time. Small feedback note: on Internet Explorer (at least), it doesn't work too well, sorry to say -- the left side has less than an adequate margin.
But good you're experimenting.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I have Firefox now, but we have Explorer at work, so I will check it out.