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Saturday, August 19, 2006

More War With Javascript

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I switched templates and it looks better, but I am working on getting our sidebar up and getting rid of that July 12th thing. Once I get the Google groups thing going, all this communication will be easier. Anyone want to vote on a color for background besides white?


Cocaine Jesus said...

another neat collage. talented man is your husband.

how about a background colour that best befits the general feel of bloodlessness. something elemental and elegant whilst being and incorporating the 'global village'feel of bloodlessness.

maybe a pale green or a sand colour?

Lilith said...

Hi all :)

If you want a photo for the background you can pick one of mine if you like...

I have them in my blog if you wnat to take a look:

They're mostly B&W ;)

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've been looking at the Gecko and Fly templates, but so far no luck. What I want is to just get a good background color--play around with some color schemes. The problem with doing all this is that you get one thing right and everything else wrong. I may just give up on the sidebar stuff because the main text area looks good, but I would like something besides a white background, yet nothing that clashes with the images we are putting up.

By the way, he said that he joined, but I don't see his name.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Lilith, I will do that and let you know.

Lilith said...

I'm uploading some more right now... Be free to use them and maybe manipulate them if you want... Just let me know what you did ;)

Cocaine Jesus said...

how about a background of autumn leaves?