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Thursday, August 03, 2006


A new beginning can be a lotta things.
Like a new haircut.
A new red circle on the time-table.
Or like a new CD ..
A new mark on the bark of a tree by a passing wanderer.
New chapter of the yellowed classic you couldn’t finish...
Like a great new dress.
A new room for your first child. A nursery. Small. Careful. And baby pink.
Something like a new paint on your wall. Hesitating. Indecisive.
Maybe like a new toy gun?
Or perhaps the real thing. For the ones from the other sides of the darkened cul de sac.
Or maybe, just a new shoe.
A new beginning.
Like a new blog, with a new post?
Ah. Now we’re talkin’.


Inkblot said...

ah the real thing- new beginnings always seem like that.
toy guns don't last long though so lucky you provided enough choice back there!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, very cool. Welcome, my buddy.

Manic Street Preacher said...

guns for the maniacs.
words for the more sensible.



Cocaine Jesus said...

welcome oh manic one. good to have you on board.