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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Sidewalk

The neatly laid out sidewalk
from being carefully laid out
with layers of sand and gravel and slabs.
has seen many a ghastly sight.

Splotches of blood, shrilly shrieks,
torn pieces of that little dress and paraphernalia
scattered around its dingy corners,
ever so often a distant horn is sounded.

Blood, More Blood.

As i step outside the music den,
out on to the sidewalk,
after feasting my senses,
the familiar smell hits my nose again,
a gush of strong wind, blows away
any remains of the toke.

Puff, Blow away.

Small whispers in a distant corner,
a twitch in the eye, as the lonely light stands,
with a solitary gaze of puff and mist,
"The sidewalk is laid out so precisely and beautifully"
Its something that you would never say.
seeing the things the sidewalk sees.

Run away, Get back.


Enemy of the Republic said...

This is great. The title alone made me want to study it. I could see this as being put to music. What do you think?

Cocaine Jesus said...

hats off to you my friend. excellent poem. one of your best.

MotoRama said...

This beautiful poem begs a sequel with lights on during a sunny day with kids walking in them..conveying an emotion of hope,happiness,family and memories filled in the walk by the sidewalk!

The picture and the words evoke stark imagery in the mind! Keep churning more!

Prmod Bafna said...

Eotr>> I thought i was the only one who thought of actually putting it as music! Glad you do too!

Cocaine Jesus>> Thank you very much CJ!

Motorama>> Hmmm thats a nice idea to work on too! Glad you like the imagery!