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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dance with me?

dance with me
on the sweet scented briar wind
around magnolia trees,
forest floors awash with bluebells,
where the stain of time runs deep
and the musty decay of ages past
lodges in tumble down leaf mold
that betrays the footfall
of those who stray
through this ageless church
canopied by oak and elm.
dance with me
to the sounds of a willow violin
that haunts the ear
and flaunts my soul.
dance with me.
somebody dance with me
dance with me
held in somebodies arms.
just anyones arms.

won't somebody dance with me?

words by cocaine jesus


Inkblot said...

hey, that was pretty. very pretty indeed. I might.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i wish.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Let's go dancing, baby.

Cocaine Jesus said...

EOTR>>>again...i wish.