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Friday, February 10, 2006


it is the shame that floods me
in a way that i should have flooded her.
'but it's not you'
she cries,
she lies,
but i know it is
that hangs as limp as dish rag,
as useless as lettuce,
as pathetic as plasticine,
as welcome as ghonerea at the gates of heaven.
with all the promise gone unfulfilled.
so leave me alone.
fuck off.
let me wallow in self pity
with my fragile,
male ego
as we drift apart
and into fitful sleep.
leave me alone.
words by cocaine jesus


velvetgunther said...

Oh shit! That's hard. I mean, not...

velvetgunther said...

happens with everyone though, once in a while

Inkblot said...

the moment of realisation-thank god it still happens to some people!

Cocaine Jesus said...

velvet g>>>hard shit? ouch!

velvet g 2>>>surely not you super stud!??!

Cocaine Jesus said...

inkblot>>>true but i still wish it didn't!

Prmod Bafna said...

Wonderful post, amazing rendition of those twilight-ish moments.

Cocaine Jesus said...

xFreakx>>>obviously i was writing about someone else and NOT me!??!

Prmod Bafna said...

Hmmm well its written very personally.. adds a totally new dimension to my understanding though!

Cocaine Jesus said...

xFreakx>>>i lied!!!
it is something EVERY male faces but lies about. personal reflections and things that emotionally affect us are the only things that i find worth putting pen to paper for.

Capegirl said...

happens to girls too sometimes so arrh well. we're only human. it's not that different from burning the dinner in my book. you can freak out or just chill...

Cocaine Jesus said...

capegirl>>>chill is the only option other wise you'd drive yourself crazy. i stopped worrying about being a REAL male years ago when i relalised what wankers so many REAL men are.

anonant said...

Is'nt it kinda fair for us to have these moments, it does seem to even out the balance. We can be such self centered pricks (literally.)