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Friday, February 10, 2006

Manga chick

I've discovered the wonderful world of anime and manga. I guess I'll leave my 3D stuff aside and do this for a while now. This was made from scratch in Photoshop.


velvetgunther said...

Maybe this will help, Coke

Cocaine Jesus said...

errr.....gulp....HELLOOOOO BABEEEE

camera shy said...

great work

certainly a departure
from your others

and this is
entirely an original

nicely done

Capegirl said...

manga chick be cool...

twh said...

i'm surprised you've just came across manga and anime. the midget and i love watching different anime.

i have one comment, if you'll permit me. her top isn't cut low enough. even the manga for the younger kids has very plunging necklines! but, she is very lovely. does she come armed, as well?

velvetgunther said...

Thanks twh, for your low neckline suggestion. I'll keep that in mind for my next graphic ;)
Well, I actually meant that I'd just started doing manga only, like, from two days ago? I've seen a lot of manga and anime, but I've never attempted this before.

Damn, these word verification things are getting longer and longer. Soon we'd have to type in paragraphs of gibberish

Cocaine Jesus said...