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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ants Have Wings

why are ants given wings
a day before they die?
did they always wanna fly?

why do i,
sitting in the dark
think of a microlite?
to play with the birds
or to never come back?

let a cigarette unlock some doors,
as i unwind
up on the terrace, arms spread out
watching the last few coffins go by

i guess i know why
the ants wanna fly

(the MIG21s, also known as the flying coffins, are finally being decommissioned. some pilots of the bangalore air base are enjoying a last few flights in the deadly beauties these days . . . knowing fully well they may die any moment in a crash . . . celebrating the spirit of flying, defying fear and gravity at the same time)


Prmod Bafna said...

hey really nice way of showing the fate of the winged ant with the MIG21's more power to the brave pilots! :)

camera shy said...

"let a cigarette unlock some doors,"

love this line

well done

Dan Husain said...

The cigarette really got me hooked on to this. Reminds me of Rang De Basanti! Ooops! Have I made a kitschy comparison? :-)