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Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Ghosts, like spasms,
tear into my belly.
Rarely adored,
their face is a trial
like witches burning in Salem.
Innocent, guilty--
They make me believe that
Satan, not God
reigns over us, laughing at tear-stained blurs,
our faceless spirits.


Cocaine Jesus said...

there is a faith, whose name escapes me, that really do believe that satan is in charge of the earth. a benign satan who has been left in charge and appointed so by god while god is elsewhere.
satan was always meant to be god's favourite angel and the most powerful and beautiful of gods angels.
not that your fab poem is saying anything like that but i just thought i would add my twopence worth!

goatman said...

Beautiful pic.
Doves mate for life, you know.

Cocaine Jesus said...

came back to read this bleak offering again.
so sad that someone like you has such doubts but then again the best of us naturally asks questions even of those we hold holy.
it does often feel though that the bad guys are always winning. even worse that they run our lives.

they don't.

keep the faith hon, keep the faith.

steamroller B&W said...

lure lure fantastic pic

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