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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

bleak bungalow

the rod of self loathing is a greasy pole,
it rusts the heart and corrodes the soul.
it casts a shadow that is dark and bleak,
a malignant tumour that leaves the spirit weak.
it defiles all love and defies all lust
and destroys your confidence in those you trust.

words by cocaine jesus


Prerona said...

yes its a cancer self loathing
this was awesome ...

this reminds me of one of my favourite poems by byron, not sure why ...

"Yet must I think less wildly: I have thought

Too long and darkly, till my brain became,

In its own eddy boiling and o'er-wrought,

A whirling gulf of fantasy and flame:

And thus, untaught in youth my heart to tame,

My springs of life were poison'd. 'Tis too late!

Yet am I chang'd; though still enough the same

In strength to bear what time cannot abate,

And feed on bitter fruits without accusing Fate"

Cocaine Jesus said...

prerona>>>i know little of byron apart from his 'ozymandias' thing. i like this very much so thanks for that.
wish i was in the same league as byron though. man that would be cool.

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