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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Obey Orders or Get Shot: San Francisco's Earthquake

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Speaking of natural disasters, I'm having some trouble with the comments page. For some blogs, everything is great, for others the comments won't even show unless you hit the area next to your name. I am playing around like nuts, but I don't know what the fuck is the problem. Any advice is welcome.


LJ said...

Apparently, there's a problem with blogs that don't use templates or have multiple authors. The "classic" and "Beta" versions of this hamburger are not compatible in many respects. When comments won't work - it helps, sometimes - to sign in as "other"...if you've allowed that option.

I will appear as LJ from my Alpha Blog, for instance, even though I signed in with my Beta ID and password. Lord. Who knows?

If you want to know the extent of the disaster, and even get a few answers, check the Blogger Help Group.

Best wishes to us all for surviving this "upgrade."

Cocaine Jesus said...

if i lose any of my words on any of my sites i will go fucking mad.

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