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Saturday, September 16, 2006


He taught the epic
his students wrote poetry
always talked of coffee and cigarette
sometimes they used alcohol
the lesser ones binged on sunlight and romance
acres of filth
words .wasted.
came home everynight
college gave over at 2pm
had philosophy classes at the pub.

Nailed tight.afraid.very afraid.

Swed leather . Warm milk. Gurgling tap water. Psycho.


Inkblot said...

nice- very nice.
more please...

X. Dell said...

You've succinctly deconstructed my entire collegiate career.

steamroller B&W said...>>

steamroller B&W said...

should i be amazed? me sorry.But sorrier for myself.Im one of those students.Or was...


LJ said...

I like "nailed tight.afraid.very afraid."

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