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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kettle Love

Kettle love
Brings you up
All hot and steamy
And when you are swollen
With the blood lust of aching flesh
She flicks a switch and plays another game
Of truth or dare and you are left
Standing with a pot full
Of scolding water
Kind of like
Kettle Love
words by cocaine jesus


velvetgunther said...

Yes, kind of...

Cocaine Jesus said...

VG>>>i think that it just you, me and inky in here at the moment bruv!

Cliff said...

I like the shape as well as the content of the poem. Looks like a mouth, or something.

Cocaine Jesus said...

cliff>>>yes it does look a bit like a dali type mouth doesn't it.

Prmod Bafna said...

Nice poem and i love that shape!! :p

Cocaine Jesus said...

prmod>>>Great! Thanks!

sigmund fraud said...

"scolding" ? perhaps, "scalding"?

Cocaine Jesus said...

scold as tell of rather than scald as hot