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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


my first post here and since this is what got me the invite, what better scribble to annouce my arrival?



street-light shadows
a stiletto mystery
disarmed in red
as corset blues charm
the madhouse beckons
as i try to walk away
from your crimson stare
maybe i'll stay for one last kiss
maybe you'll make me
forget what i miss.


mirrors betrayed
adventures of the past
as I look at you
lying next to me
morning light
seeking your shadow
that’s wrapped in my misery
of a haloed deviation
transpired to lose
maybe I’ll stay another day
maybe you’ll give me
another reason


feels great to be here :)


velvetgunther said...

ah, Blow is here...

Cocaine Jesus said...

well blow me down it's blow. welcome sweetheart!

blow said...

thank you guys! :)