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Monday, April 10, 2006


dancing like a ballerina wrapped in electric hues with all movement trapped frame by frame frozen in cut and paste sticky back sequence she spins upon the mirrored steel spotlight clean and precise floor with time a mesmerised spectator unable to blink in the blinding gaze of her blazing super nova sunlight shimmering shifting sensual spin and thrust with ankle and wrist razor blade sharp and cutting imaginary semaphor lines across the stark bleached backdrop of vacant space as time and meaning collide with bone bruising brutallity and finite feather tendrils that spark and shine like sex chase down history across the benign canopy of vision that blurs with emotion and visual violence that confounds thought and confuses sight and confirms the knowledge that beauty moves with precise and limitless grace like angels weeping and sighing at the dazzling creation of a divine starbust dance

words by cocaine jesus

from Ritual Acts with Penquins