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Friday, February 02, 2007


oooh its so tempting to indulge
to tell myself pretty lies
and tell you too

how I love the smell of you
and the taste of passion that fears to unfurl itself
upon a dusty road that might take ages to clean
and even then may not seem quite as wondrous as you thought
it might be

where was the fever, where was the quirk
locked up in a bedchamber
or imagined thirst
no curiosity
no fire
no particular desire
just comfort and ease
too shy to tease
like a caged bird
pretending to be free
weighed down
on a fictitious tree

what brought us there
what made us stay
what makes me doubt
what makes me shout

you were you
and I was me
and then again
not quite
just who I didn’t want to be
and yet
loved being

everything was right
everything is right

It has to be
do you understand me?

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Enemy of the Republic said...

Inkblot, thank you for this!